Are you social, is your brand? Does your community know what you stand for and what you can do for them?

To us, social means being “social” in every way you can think. Charity, grand openings, product launches, the arts, wine tastings, holiday parties, guest speakers at the library and so on...

Networking, logical media placements, featured stories, editorial mentions, product launches, memorable events and multiple social media platforms are all tools we use to help propel client’s exposure. SocialWrx strives on a challenge and upholds the highest level of customer satisfaction in each of our services.

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they know who you are and what you’re capable of.    


We are...
Intuitive. Innovative. Curious.

We do public relations, social relations, social media, brand development, creative marketing and community outreach. SocialWrx has earned a reputation for being a master in communicating and connecting.

We get to know our client’s and their customers inside and out by designing specific plans tailored to each client’s needs, goals and budgets. SocialWrx will positively impact client’s business, adding value to their brand.


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111 W 10th Street | Kansas City, MO 64105